Best Slackline For Beginners – Flybold, Baseline or some other?

Flybold Slackline Kit

Flybold Slackline Kit

Our rating: 5 stars Excellent!  

Customer rating: 800+ reviews

Price: $79.99

Our top choice – very easy to set up and also to learn on thanks to the included teaching line. Quality product and for a good price.

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Slackline Industries Baseline

Compared to other models:

  • The teaching line makes the Flybold a better choice for most people.
  • The Baseline offers more versatility, you can select your preferred length.
  • For kids, older people or those really afraid they'll have problems with learning how to walk the line, Playline would be a great option.
  • And if you’d like to save some money, check out the Macaco.

As a beginner, you want a slackline that's not too stretchy (so easier to control and learn on), comfortable to walk and easy to set up. And all these slacklines meet those requirements: They are 2 inch wide, offer enough comfort and feature the popular 2-part setup system.

Model Width Length For Price Our rating  
Flybold Slackline Kit 2" 50ft (57 with ratchet) $79.99 4.5 stars
Baseline 2" 50ft (15m) or 85ft (25m) 5 stars
Playline 2" 50ft (15m) 4,5 stars
Macaco slackline 2" 52ft (16m) or 85ft (25m) Check here / 4.5 stars

For beginners we would recommend the Flybold Slackline – after learning balance using the teaching line, you can even try some tricks and jumps.

The Slackline Industries Baseline does not offer the teaching line but you can select your preferred length so if you plan some longer walks, go for this one.

The Slackline Industries Play Line is even less bouncy and intended rather for kids – so after learning the basics, you'll be quite limited in your further slacklining endeavor. On the other hand, there is a bonus of the included teaching line.

And the Macaco line is quite similar to the Baseline – universal and with two different lengths available. Slightly cheaper but also with a few minor disadvantages.

Flybold slackline:

Fly Bold Slackline

Base Line:

Base Line | Beginner | Slackline Industries

Play Line:

Play Line | Beginner | Slackline Industries

Macaco slackline:

Macaco Slackline – How to Set Up Your Slackline

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