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Another very popular zipline, this one is from Family Backyard toys – it’s fairly easy to set up, comes with an included stopping mechanism and will provide countless hours of fun. Also the customer support is top notch, you can even request a custom length if the 95 ft isn’t enough for you.

  • A lot of fun, kids love it
  • Great customer support, possibility to get a custom length
  • Easy to set up
  • setting the position of the seat
  • Weight limit: 250lbs
  • Length: 95′
  • Age: 8+ (younger with the help of an adult)
  • (compare with others)

A Lot of Fun

a girl riding on a ziplineZip line – a perfect toy for anyone’s backyard. When you browse through the reviews, all users are stoked how much their kids (and even adults) love it – phrases like “kids can’t get enough of it” or “best gift we ever bought” are used very often.

Ideal for all birthday parties and social gatherings of the little ones, it just provides hours of fun. And if you have problems getting your children to play outside, then this item is a necessity for you.

This model is one of the best rated zip lines on Amazon, users say it is well built and works great. Only one reported breaking the seat but the manufacturer replaced it immediately at no cost.

Easy Setup

One of the biggest advantages (according to the reviews) is how easy it is to install. The instructions are very good, just bear in mind it would take some time and you would need someone to help you with a few tasks.

And also don’t forget to protect the trees – you can use an old carpet or water hose so the wire doesn’t cut into the bark (you can also use those special pads made for slacklines).

The only problematic part seems to be adjusting the seat position according to the rider’s height. There is only one simple knot which may come undone, so a good idea is to check it before each use.

The assembly


The Family Backyard Toys zipline meets the CE and RoHS international quality standards. It is able to hold up to 250 lbs so adults can enjoy the ride as well. The grips do not slip and it even comes with a bungee cord breaking system – so instead of a sudden stop you get a more gradual slowing down. And most customers really like that.

The official age recommendation is 8 years and older; however users mentioned even three year old kids riding with the help of their parents.

Length of the Cable

And last but not the least, a huge number of buyers mentioned a great customer support from the manufacturer. They respond quickly and gladly help with any problem that may arise.

Also many customers made a mistake when measuring the length of cable needed (you have to account also the distance wrapped around the first tree) – but after contacting the seller, they promptly received a longer cable. So if the 95 feet length is not enough for your needs, just let them know and get a personalized kit.

Conclusion:  If you are searching for a quality zip line, this one from Family Backyard toys would be a great choice – particularly if you need one with an included stopping mechanism. We can definitely recommend it.

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the plastic seat      detail of the trolley

Frequently asked questions:

How does the bungee breaking system work?

You place the brake at about 70% away from the starting point and anchor the bungee to a nearby tree, some sandbags or even an adult can hold it. When the rider reaches that point, the slack in the bungee slowly stops him.

How do the kids get onto the seat?

The ideal scenario is to have an elevated platform on the starting point but building that can be quite challenging – so most people use a stepladder firmly tied to the tree (see the videos above). Or if two people are using it, one can get on the seat on the lower end and the second drags him to the top using the rope hanging from the seat.

What if there is only one tree available?

You’ll have to improvise a bit – for example you can build a post for the lower end.


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