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The Zipline kits from Slackers (previously brand44) are currently the most popular on the market – easy to use, not expensive and you can choose from four different lengths according to your needs.

  • A lot of fun, kids love it
  • 4 lengths to choose from
  • Easy to set up
  • difficult to achieve higher tension
  • Weight limit: 200-220lbs
  • Length: 40′, 70′, 90′, 100′
  • Age: 6+ (younger with the help of an adult)
  • (compare with others)

Slackers Zipline

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A lot of fun

a boy sitting on a ziplineThe home zipline is simply an awesome toy for your backyard- the kids absolutely love it and all their friends will be eager to try it as well :)

It’s also a perfect birthday gift, you can be sure that the celebration will instantly change into a ziplining party. And many parents report great results after using it for an obstacle course on their backyard or for a "Ninja Warrior Day" or similar cool events.


The installation is pretty simple – you just need two larger trees at an appropriate distance and in 30 minutes your kids can start riding. And dismounting or repositioning isn’t a problem as well.

Just don’t forget to protect the trees using an old carpet or water hose so the wire doesn’t cut into the bark (you can also use those special pads made for slacklines). If there is only one tree available, you’ll have to improvise a bit – for example building a post for the lower end.

The only problem some users mentioned is the difficulty to tension the line – there is only one turnbuckle so if you do it alone, you’ll may end up it with too much slack. So you may need someone to help you or – if you need a really tight line – get a come along.


Safety is the most important factor when considering toys like this – and we can say there are no serious problems and all the parts are very durable. The weight limit is 200 pounds but users report that even 220 lbs adults are having fun on it, only the slack is larger.

And considering the recommended age, it’s probably best for children 6-14 years old – however, the seat position is adjustable so it can be used by practically anybody, even 3 years old ones with the help of an adult. Just make sure the seat is not too close to the wire as the kids might bump their head on the trolley.

Night Riderz version with LED lights

These zip line kits do not include a stopping block – but you can get even a version with one or use some kind of home-made stopping mechanism, for example 5 tennis balls with drilled holes, pool tubes or an old hose, threaded on the cable.

On the other hand, if you set up the zipline the recommended way, you probably won’t need it because the slack at the end of the line is enough to make a gradual stop. Users also recommend placing some foam pads or a mattress on the second tree.

Which length to choose?

Slackers manufacture 4 different lengths – the 40′ (Falcon series), 70′ (Hawk series), 90′ (Eagle series) and 100′ Night riderz – which also features 50 multicolor LED lights on the seat and trolley. Looks really cool at night :)

So which one to choose? Measure the distance between the trees and add a few feet for wrapping around the second tree and some slack (the advertised length is not the maximum distance between the trees -make no mistake) – and if you’re not sure, get a longer kit, you can always wrap the excess cable around the tree.

Just a note: the 40′ version is quite short so select it only if you don’t have a lot of space, most people get the 70′, 90′ or the 100′ because of the LED lights :)

Conclusion:  If you’re looking for some new cool toy for your backyard playground, the Slackers kit would be a great choice for you. Durable, inexpensive and easy to use – in our opinion currently the best zipline kit.

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a girl riding a Slackers zipline      detail of the trolley


Slackers Zipline Setup

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which length should I get?
  • How do kids get on the seat?           The ideal scenario is to have an elevated platform on the starting point but building that can be quite challenging – so most people use a stepladder firmly tied to the tree (see the videos above). Or if two people are using it, one can get on the seat on the lower end and the second drags him to the top using the rope hanging from the seat.


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