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The Mammut Slackline set offers a long 20m one inch line with two different surfaces and a sophisticated rigging system with removable ratchet. The disadvantages are higher price and longer time needed for setup.

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  • High quality, durable
  • 2 different surfaces
  • Ratchet can be removed after setup

  • complicated setup
  • expensive
  • Brand: Mammut
  • Width: 1"
  • Length: 20m (65ft)

(compare with others)

Walk longer distances

mammut slackline setup systemThe Mammut set offers a long 20meter walking line with two different surfaces – grippy for beginners and smooth for advanced slackliners. Both of them offer a nice soft feel.

It is a 1inch line so it may not be so comfortable for beginners compared to the 2inch ones. However, if you are interested in walking longer distances (and progressing into real longlining later), it would be perfect for you.


It sounds strange, but the setup system is probably both the biggest advantage and disadvantage of this kit. Compared to the Gibbon style where you just join two parts together in a few minutes, it's much more complicated (watch the video below).

Your first rigging can take as much as twenty minutes or half an hour, and you'll have to look into the instruction manual quite often. After some practice, 10-15 minutes time can be achieved.

Also, it's not easy to set the line really tight – while that's not a problem for walking, it makes it less usable for jumping tricks.

Removable ratchet

On the other hand, the ratchet never comes in contact with the walking line, which means there is no danger of damaging the webbing (which can happen on some other slacklines). Furthermore, the ratchet is equipped with small plastic shields to protect even the part of the line that comes in contact with it – nice idea. And last but not the least, you can even remove it after the setup is finished.

Conclusion:  Mammut slackline is a high quality and durable set for a higher price – great for walking longer distances, less usable for jumping and bouncing kinds of tricks.

So unless you definitely want a 1inch line or the Mammut's sophisticated setup system, we would rather recommend you some Gibbon line, as they are cheaper and a lot easier to setup. Or read our guide how to choose the right slackline for you ;)

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walking the mammut slackline


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