Best Slackline For Tricks – Jibline or Surfline? Or Classic?


In short:

  • For most people who want to start with tricklining, Jibline would be perfect.
  • If you already have some experience with tricks and want to get the maximum out of them (or enjoy surfing and walking a longer line), get the Surfline.

If you are a beginner, also the Classic might be a reasonable choice as it is easier to learn on and suitable for tricks as well.

An ideal slackline for tricks should be more bouncy (and possess the power to throw you up in the air), comfortable for landing during jumps and bounces and preferably also easy to set up. Jibline and Surfline both meet those requirements – they offer a bouncier, trampoline-like webbing and the popular Gibbon 2-part setup system. Also, both are 2 inch wide which means safer and more comfortable landing.

  Model Width Length For Price Our rating
Jibline 2" 15m (49ft) Price Not Found 4,5 stars
Surfline 2" 30m (98ft) Price Not Found 4 stars
Classic Slackline 2" 15m (49ft) or 25m (82ft) $61.95 5 stars

The Jibline is cheaper, shorter and let's say "a standard trickline" – perfect for all kinds of static poses, jumping tricks and bounces. It also features grippy rubber prints for better contact between your feet and the webbing.

On the other hand, the Surfline goes even further. It offers a walking line that is twice as long, plus an extended lever ratchet so you can set the tension really high. Afterwards it becomes even more powerful than the Jibline, and thanks to its length it's also great for surfing and waterlining.

We should also mention the Gibbon Classic – 2 inch wide, with the same rigging system, but using a normal, less stretchy webbing. And while that makes it much better for learning basic slacklining skills, it is still usable for tricks to some extent.

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