Slackline Communities, Events and Festivals

Slacklining is a social sport – you would most likely want to discuss your progress and experiences with other passionate slackers over the internet, find new friends who love the same activity or even join a slacklining group or attend a festival.

Here you’ll find links to the most active and popular places, enjoy!



Discussion groups

SlackChat – the largest discussion group, currently with more than 8,000 members – great videos, photos, information and tips every few minutes :)

Slacklining on Reddit – 6,000 members for the Reddit group – very friendly people, cool videos, answered questions and also many helpful links on the sidebar.

Slacklife – slightly smaller but also very active Facebook group.

Slackliners around the world

List of Slackline groups – extensive list of local slacklining groups and national or regional associations – and it’s a wiki article so you can add your group if it’s not mentioned there ;)

Slackliner Database – find and contact slackliners in your area. The world map makes locating them really easy and you can also submit your details and let other slackers find you.



Events & Festivals

Slackline festivalsList of upcoming slackline events, festivals and carnivals.

Slackline Actions Europe – Facebook group dedicated to all slackline events and festivals in Europe.

BreatheJuly 6th-9th 2017, in Spencer, Indiana. Experience and enjoy slacklining, yoga, music and other activities – Breathe is not just a festival, but also an opportunity to help transform yourself from within.

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