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Thanks to the thinner and more flexible webbing, the Trick line is more live and bouncy – and that makes it perfect for all kinds of jumps and similar stunts. It’s also really easy to set up.

  • Very easy to set up
  • Great for tricks and jumps
  • TrueLength concept
  • not so good for beginners

For tricklining

young man doing a stunt on the Trick Line in a parkThe Trick Line is a little thinner and made of a more dynamic, trampoline-like webbing which provides an extra bounce – ideal for various tricks like jumps, flips, bounces and others. The graphics are rubberized which means better grip for you feet – and the nice black-blue-white design is easy to see while flying in the air and landing back onto the line.

For beginners, the walking will be a bit challenging – but also more fun as the line bounces a lot.

Quick and easy setup

Trickline features the popular two part setup system – all you need to do is wrap both parts around the trees, join them with the ratchet and tighten up. Tightening or loosening the line is easy and the whole setup doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Length and options

It offers the standard 50ft length, but we are talking about a TrueLength here – that means instead of getting only 42ft on the main line and 8ft on the ratchet, you get all 50ft on the main line plus additional 8ft on the ratchet part!

There are also two options to choose from – the line alone or a kit with tree protection and backup line for increased safety.

Trick Line or Aggro Line?

A lot of people ask which of these two lines is better for tricks. Simple answer is that Trick Line is sufficient for most people who want to start with tricklining (it is also cheaper), while Aggro is for those who really want to get the most out of it. But for more detailed comparison please visit this page.

Conclusion:  If you plan to start with tricklining, the Trickline would be a great choice and we can definitely recommend it.

However, for beginners or kids the Baseline would be probably better as the increased flexibility of Trick Line makes learning the first moves more difficult.

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young woman performing a double drop knee trick      jumping on the Trickline


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