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The Aggro Line from Slackline Industries is the ultimate line for jumps and bounces – with the 100ft length, it becomes really powerful when tightened up. The rigging is quick and easy; however, its disadvantage is a higher price.

  • Ultimate line for tricks, very powerful
  • Extra long + TrueLength concept
  • Very easy to setup
  • more expensive
Aggro Line | Advanced | Slackline Industries

More Power for your Tricks

young man enjoying the Aggroline in a parkVery similar to Trick Line, the Aggro is also designed for tricklining enthusiasts. It offers the same flexible, trampoline-like webbing with rubber prints, but twice as much length – 100ft (and that is the TrueLength so you get another 8ft on the ratchet part!).

This length of course enables longer and challenging walks and makes it great for a waterline as well. But it’s tricklining where this line really excels – bounces, jumps, flips or surfing, it has plenty of power for that and the rebound is also nice.

It may seem the green colored line would be hard to see against the grass, but users report that’s not a problem at all – the bright graphics make it very easy to see while landing back after some flip or rotation.

Quick and Easy Setup

Like the slackline kits for beginners, even this one features the popular two-part rigging system, so it’s very easy to set up. Just the ratchet is a little different, it has a longer lever to offer a bit more of mechanical advantage – so you can achieve great tension even at these longer distances.

The ratchet itself is sturdy and durable enough, the handle is comfortable and releasing is also without any problems.

Conclusion:  If you want to get the most out of jumping, surfing and bouncing action, the Aggro Line is a perfect choice for you. Top line for tricks and very good for waterlining as well.

But if you are just starting with tricklining, or don’t want to spend too much money, consider also the Trick Line. It’s cheaper and sufficient for most tricklining action.

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another trick performed      surfing on the Aggro Line


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