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The Gibbon Classic was our most recommended slackline – however, it’s not available on Amazon anymore so all the links were directed to the Baseline from Slackline Industries which is really similar and even slightly better. Thank you for understanding!

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  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Universal – for beginners, kids and trickliners as well
  • Not expensive

  • none
  • Brand: Gibbon
  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 15m (49ft) or 25m (82ft)

(compare with others)

Easy to use

learning how to walk on a Gibbon Classic line in a parkThe biggest advantage of all Gibbon slacklines (including the Classic) is probably their effective setup system. The line consists of only two parts which you just join by a ratchet and tighten as you like. After reading the manual, you'll be able to set the line up in a few minutes.

Just don't let the kids do it themselves ;)

For everybody

Classic is the most universal line from all Gibbon kits – it will suit your needs no matter if you are a beginner or experienced slackliner. And as you can see in the video above, it's great even for various tricks and stunts.

2 inch wide and safe

Thanks to the wide 2 inch webbing, walking is easy and comfortable even for beginners. Safety is also on a high level – the material is very durable and the line itself is TÜV certified. The ratchet comes with a safety lock.

Length and color variations

You have two options to choose from, both in length and colors. While it's just a matter of personal taste if you select yellow or red one, it can be more difficult to decide which length do you need.

Quick advice? For most occasions, the 15m (49ft) is completely sufficient. It's also about $15 cheaper, so I would recommend it to you. However, if you plan some longer walking, get the 25m (82ft).

Conclusion:  If you want quality and universal slackline kit that is very easy to set up and use, Gibbon Classic is the right choice for you. Durable and not too expensive – we highly recommend it.

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two-part setup of the Gibbon slackline kit      young woman walking the slackline classic


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