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The Gibbon Jibline is a slackline designed for tricks. It is more bouncy thanks to the thinner and more flexible webbing which makes it perfect for all kinds of jumps and similar stunts. Also really easy to set up.

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  • Very easy to set up
  • Great for tricks and jumps

  • not so good for beginners
  • Brand: Gibbon
  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 15m (49ft)

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For tricklining

jumping on the jibline in a parkVery dynamic and bouncy, the Jibline was created for all who want to enter the world of tricklining. The thinner, more flexible webbing works as a trampoline and makes this slackline ideal for frontflips, backflips and all other aerial action. Static tricks are no problem as well.

Also the 2inch webbing with rubber prints is really efficient – you get better contact with the line and also the landing is much safer and comfortable (compared to 1 inch).

Quick and easy setup

Jibline features the Gibbon's popular two part setup system – all you need to do is join those parts with the ratchet and tighten up. That means only a few minutes of preparation and you are ready for action.

Jibline or Surfline?

A lot of people ask which of these two lines is better for tricks. Simple answer is that Jibline is sufficient for most people who want to start with tricklining (it is also cheaper), while Surfline is for those who really want to get the most out of it. But for more detailed comparison please visit this page.

Conclusion:  If you plan to start with tricklining, the Jibline would be a great choice and we can definitely recommend it.

However, for beginners or kids the Classic would be probably better as the increased flexibility of Jibline makes learning the first moves more difficult.

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flip on the jibline slackline on a beach    using gibbon jibline in a city or urban area


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