Spring Swings Fun Ride Zipline Review

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The Spring Swings zipline kit is a great innovation for anyone’s backyard – it isn’t overly expensive and will provide many years of fun for your kids (or even teenagers or adults). Its limitation is the absence of a seat.

  • A lot of fun, kids love it
  • 3 lengths to choose from
  • no seat
  • difficult to achieve higher tension
  • Weight limit: 100 / 225 / 250lbs
  • Length: 35′, 70′, 90′
  • Age: 8+ (younger with help of adult)
  • (compare with others)

Spring Swings Super Z Fun Ride Zipline

A lot of fun

young man riding a ziplineA zipline is an ideal tool for any backyard – for a decent price you’ll get a toy that will last for years and provide countless hours of entertainment for your kids. They just love it, parents report they have never seen their children play with any toy for so long – and that it’s the first thing the little ones head to when they want to play. It’s fun, safe and a great exercise as well.

Quality and recommended age

The build quality is more than adequate and durability is a big plus of this zipline kit – while one customer complained the trolley got damaged after few months, most users report they have been using it for 2-4 years with only retightening the cable.

The recommended age is 8+ years but even smaller kids can try it with the help of an adult. The basic 35 feet long version has a weight limit of 100 pounds but the longer versions can hold much more – 225 and 250 lbs respectively – so teenagers or adults can enjoy it as well.

However, there is one disadvantage we have to mention – there is no seat. So if you would like to ride in a sitting position (much more comfortable than just hanging from the handles), you’ll have to buy it separately (there are some good tips in the "Customers who bought this also bought" section on Amazon).


The opinions about setup difficulty are quite mixed – some users rate it as "not difficult" while others have experienced slight problems. It also takes some strength to get the right tension on the wire.

Also, some people reported they had to make the drop larger than recommended to get a good ride – but the real deal is rather the tightness of the line and how much slack there is. So of you install the Spring Swings zipline and find it too fast or too slow, try changing the tightness first.

And some final notes – make sure you protect the tree so that the wire doesn’t cut into the bark. And it’s also recommended to thread some tennis balls (with a drilled hole) on the lower end of the cable to make the landing smoother (you can also place some thick foam or a mattress on the landing zone).

Which length to choose?

There are three different lengths to choose from – 35 ft (Original), 70 ft (Deluxe) and 90 ft (Super Zip) – so measure the distance between the trees and add a few feet for wrapping around them (and some slack) – and if you’re not sure, get a longer kit, you can always wrap the excess cable around the tree. Also think about the weight limit of each version (as we have already mentioned it).

Conclusion:  If you’re looking for some new cool toy for your backyard, a zipline kit for home use would be a great idea. The Fun Ride from Spring Swings is durable and not overly expensive but we would rather recommend you a model with seat and slightly easier setup – the Slackers kit.

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suitable even for teenagers and adults      a lot of fun on the Spring Swings


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