Best Zipline Kits for your Backyard – with Reviews




Backyard zipline is an awesome toy to install on your garden or playground – all kids (and even adults!) love it and parents report they’ve never see their children to play with something for so long. Instead of buying all the necessary equipment separately, there exist several portable kits which make the setup process quick and easy. So here they are, with ratings, prices and reviews:

Our most recommended ziplines for sale:

Slackers Zipline

Slackers Zipline

Our rating: 4.5 stars Very good

Customer rating: 4.5 stars 160+ reviews

Price: $80.99 – $179.00 *

Currently the most popular zipline for kids on the market – easy to setup, not overly expensive and in four length variations.

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* depends on length

Other zipline reviews:

Spring Swings Fun Ride

Spring Swings Fun Ride

Our rating: 4 stars Good

Customer rating: 4 stars 230+ reviews

Price: from $42.95 *

Slightly worse in our opinion – durable, available in three different lengths but without a seat.

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* depends on length

Comparison chart

Model Length Seat Bonus Price Our rating
Slackers Falcon series 40′ yes $80.99 4.5 stars
Slackers Hawk series 70′ yes $132.29 4.5 stars
Slackers Eagle series 90′ yes $161.00 4.5 stars
Slackers Night Riderz 100′ yes 50 LED lights $179.00 4.5 stars
Spring Swings Fun Ride 35′ / 70′ / 90′ no from $42.95 * 4 stars

* depends on length


Frequently asked questions:

  • How do kids get on the seat?   The ideal scenario is to have an elevated platform on the starting point but building that can be quite challenging – so most people use a stepladder firmly tied to the tree (see the videos above). Or if two people are using it, one can get on the seat on the lower end and the second drags him to the top using the rope hanging from the seat.


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