Gibbon Flowline Kit

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The Gibbon Flowline kit is a perfect line if you want to start with 1-inch slacklining – very easy to set-up so you can quickly set your preferred length and tension, and also not overly expensive.

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  • Easy to set up
  • Versatile
  • Great introduction to 1" lines

  • not perfect for kids or tricklining
  • Brand: Gibbon
  • Width: 1"
  • Length: 60ft

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GIBBON FLOW- TUBE LINE – product video

Easy to set up

young man walking on the flowline in a parkThe common problem of 1-inch slacklines is that they can be quite intimidating for beginners in terms of both set-up and learning. The Flowline from Gibbon tries to overcome these issues using two ratchets for tightening the line – after you get accustomed to this system, you can set it all up in a few minutes.

The ratchets use little spacers to keep the line centered – that’s really useful as it does not come into contact with those metal edges on the ratchet so there’s no danger of fraying. Just use some tree protection to protect both the trees and your equipment as well


The 1-inch webbing is rubber coated for better grip and it’s nice, durable and comfortable to walk even barefoot.

A great thing is that you can quickly set the tension and distance exactly as you want using those two ratchets – you can make the line really short and tight to make learning your first moves as easy as possible, or even let the kids play. And if you are an advanced slackliner and would like to try a rodeo line, just make it longer and loose.

For tricks, the 2-inch slacklines are definitely better thanks to the broader landing zone (the Trick line also has a better bounce and recoil), but you can perform bounces or jumps even on this one. And it’s great for surfing!

Conclusion:  If you want to start with 1-inch slacklines, the Flowline is a great candidate to begin with – easy to set up, durable and not expensive.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a line for your kids, or would like to do a lot of tricks on your slackline, we would rather recommend you some of the 2-inch pieces.

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surfing on the flowline      the ratchet set-up