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The Macaco is a popular slackline kit – slightly cheaper that the others but also with a few minor disadvantages. Very easy to set up and also quite universal – great for kids, beginners, advanced slackliners, just with limited tricklining possibilities.

  • Slightly cheaper
  • Very easy to install
  • Universal
  • slightly worse quality
  • bad color for aerial tricks
Macaco Slackline – How to Set Up Your Slackline

Good price

young man enjoying the Macaco lineEvery slackline manufacturer employs some tactic how to market their product – some use the TrueLength concept, some add a thin teaching line as a bonus, Macaco relies on price.

So the difference there is clear – but what about the quality? The webbing and ratchet are on the same level when compared to other lines, both good quality and durable, there are just two small differences:

The ratchet is just pure metal, no grip on the handle or release – but that’s a minor issue, the manipulation is just a bit less comfortable. And the second difference is the reinforced loop on each end – it looks quite crappy and is sewn only once. But so far only one user reported it deteriorated and forced him to sew it back or use a shackle instead.

It comes in a nice green color with jungle textures and a carry bag is also included.

For almost everybody

The Macaco is one of the more universal lines – although it doesn’t come with a teaching line, it’s completely adequate for kids or beginners. Advanced slackliners can get the longer 85ft version and the flexibility is enough for some tricklining as well. Just the green color is not ideal for aerial tricks and jumps as it’s more difficult to spot the line against grass while in the air.

Super easy setup

As with most slackline kits, you’ll find the popular ratchet setup here as well so rigging the line doesn’t take more than 10 minutes (see the video above). Just don’t forget using a tree protection to protect both the bark and your equipment as well.

Which length?

The Macaco comes in a 52′ and also 85′ version. The shorter one is completely sufficient for kids or beginners, on the other hand if you’d like to take slacklining more seriously, you would definitely want to advance into longer walks as soon as you learn the basics – so the longer version would be better for you. Also the difference in price is quite small.

And don’t forget it doesn’t use the TrueLength concept like the kits from Slackline Industries so the usable length is actually shorter than the advertised number of feet. To get the real distance, just subtract some distance from the total length according to the circumference of the trees.

Conclusion:  Our most recommended universal slackline is the SI Baseline – however, the Macaco is a good choice as well, particularly if you want to save money. The quality and durability is on a solid level, setup is the same and there are only a few minor disadvantages we talked about in the text above. So we can recommend it to you.

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